Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ethics - Research Paper Example Ethics assumes that people are rationale beings, and they are free. These assumptions are critical since they affect the level of people’s moral responsibility. Ethics involves two objects, which are physical or nonphysical. In the physical object involves the doer of an action while nonphysical object consists of the act being performed by the doer. Moral acts of human are viewed as being official ethical objects, because they comprise moral values. Therefore, in each decision that man makes, either in business or government, we are always subjected to approach such issues, if they are moral judgments, or whether they are objective. Ethics entails individuals to express insights in aspects of reality, instead of sheer feelings, requirements, decisions, or conventions among others. The aspect of ethics is based on theorizing it as an issue of free and intelligent decision that seeks the intelligent fit for what is right and acceptable in society. Ethics is founded on a set of ethical and moral principles. These principles are binding to all businesses and governments and must be seriously observed. The ethical values override all human rationalism, weakness, ego and personal errors. The government and business employers are integral in ensuring that the ethical aspects of society are upheld. There are numerous values that have spurred successful corporations to the peak of the business world, as they have managed to withstand the time test, and enhanced the development of such organizations. Ethics entails that businesses should be honest in their operations, toward their customers and surrounding community. Honest businesses are always observant of set legal laws and accountable to their mission. However, dishonest businesses are locked in continuous scandals that have not only split their reputation but as well led to critics questioning their ethical relevance. By partaking in highest ethical standards businesses is entailed to embrace integrity and w hich enables them to connote their strength and stability. Businesses that exhibit integrity indicate completeness as well as soundness in a person’s temperament and that of their organization. Similarly, companies that exhibit responsibility are considered to be ethical. Those that take accountability and responsibility for their actions, helped to maximize, on respect and cohesion, in society. Responsible businesses do not blame others, claim victimhood or pass the buck and refuse to take responsibility of what they have caused. Actions indicate the ability for one to be responsible both in little and massive things; thus ensuring that ethical values are maintained (Menzel, p.21). Ethics also entails businesses to provide quality products to their customers. Quality entails more than producing the best product but should comprise every aspect of the organization’s activities. Businesses that offer quality have a profound sense of self-respect, pride in achievement, a nd thoughtfulness that influences all things. Ethic is exhibited when businesses communicate professionalism and quality. Furthermore, ethics requires businesses to be trustworthy and respectful in their operations. Trust helps companies, to attain customer confidence, in their product and business, and it becomes exceedingly hard for a business to get it back, once it is lost. Conversely, respect is considered to

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