Thursday, February 27, 2020

Special Individuals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Special Individuals - Research Paper Example Discuss thoroughly. Manifestation determination is the act of â€Å"determining whether the behavior that results in a suspension or change of placement is a manifestation of a child’s disability† (Giordano, 2008). It often takes place when a school is implementing a change of placement or suspension due to violations of school rules; when a student has been removed from the school system for more than 10 days within a school term; or when a student is being punished for activities or behavior which indicates a pattern (Giordano, 2008). In instances when the behavior is indicates a student’s disability, a Functional behavior assessment must be carried out and a plan of behavior conceptualized. Students with exceptional needs – those with disabilities (with Individualized Education Programs or IEPs) – can be suspended up to ten days during a school year or even expelled for their behavior which is not caused by their disability. There is a need to ca rry out additional procedural safeguards in instances when suspension exceeds ten days (FSUSD, n.d). 3. List and describe three strategies or interventions to use when teaching and working with students with emotional or behavioral disorders. Why do these particular strategies work well with these students? a. Use taped word read-alongs (Trim, 2009). Studies have provided strong support for this strategy with students under this intervention improving their reading rate at a faster pace. b. Test retakes (Trim, 2009). Studies also point out that students who could do retakes of tests, scored higher than those who could not (Trim, 2009). c. Responses, praise, and academic talk (Trim, 2009). Students given more praise performed better than those who were not praised as much. d. Cover, copy, and compare (Trim, 2009). This is a process of considering instructions, extracting it, and interacting with a greater amount of accuracy (Trim, 2009). If the student is wrong, then he keeps trying until he would get it right. Part 2 Introduction The history of violence in schools has been a subject of discussion in government agencies and interest groups. These incidents have graduated from minor skirmishes to major gun shooting incidents. Some of these incidents have proved fatal to students and to teachers alike and they seem to find its roots in behavior disorders from troubled teens and youths. This discussion shall consider the Worthing High School shooting incident. Discussion This shooting incident involved atleast two gunmen which killed one man and hurt five other people. About sixty individuals from Worthing, Madison, Yates, and Jones high schools were attending an all-girl football game when a Ford Taurus drove into the field. The game was apparently not a sanctioned event. Attendees were residents of surrounding neighborhoods and were not HISD students (Glenn and O’Hare, 2011). A fist fight first broke out between two individuals and this escalated to a fig ht between two groups of men. A gun was soon drawn and was fired by some of the men. The incident was considered to be gang-related. The life of a former Worthing High School student was claimed in the shooting. Participants in the fight, including those who were injured were interviewed after the shooting (Glenn and O’Hare, 2011). Officials with the Houston Independent School District were prompted to reinforce their security as a

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